Last one

This is the last post of 2013. As the hour gets closer and closer, we all send our wishes for an even better year to those we hold dear (I'm behind on that part, actually). Remembering all that happened to me this year, I just hope I continue to have the opportunity to work with amazing people and talented musicians. Just like every New Year, I hope to travel and discover the world a little more than I did this past year. Also, I hope to continue to work and do what I recently discovered I love and, as a final wish, I hope this blog grows a little more next year and thanks to all who have been around!

The following pictures were taken yesterday at Jardim da Estrela and Campo de Ourique.

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: MANGO
Boots: CAT
Necklace Evenstar: EBAY

Find this amazing cookie store on
I tried a few and they were great!!!

Have a great New Year's Eve, enjoy the night and party well into 2014.



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