Red me up!

Following the colour crush of this week, I like to show you all my red/reddish nail polishes.
I love painting my nails, I love buying nail polishes and there's always a good excuse to buy another (yet so different) *insert colour* nail polishes. And, until I thought of this post, I didn't realize I had so many red nail polishes!

This week I've used both the RISQUÉ and the ESSIE (currently being used). As you can see, I have a few, and once I put them on, I realize how different they are, from red to an almost coral hue (Juicy), to more purple tones or bloody hues ( Pura Luxúria & Onyx). I don't know how many of you tried the sugar trend, but it's pretty awesome. It's a shame KIKO no longer sells these lacquers.

Are you all ready for the weekend? It's only a day away *giggles*




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