Ok, now I feel it!

After a few days of very strange weather, today I woke up to find clouds, heavy grey clouds and a chillness in the air that mean one thing: Fall is here. And it's also supposed to rain. Today. 

So, I've been looking for somethings I might buy for this season (and of very good use for next season as well) and I found these:


Last year I bough a sweater from OYSHO, one with cashmere and a sheep print and it became an instant favourite.
Given the current weather conditions, I think it's going to be worn today!

Now to current tendencies: dark lipsticks seem to really be something to wear this year and I decided to buy one and give it a try. It took me sometime to actually buy it, I wanted a dark purple and only seemed to find brown and burgundy (although burgundy is not out of the question, maybe later :) ). I decided to buy one from H&M. Here's a shot from yesterday, I hope you like it!

Have a lovely friday and an awesome weekend!



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