It's only tuesday , but I feel like it's friday or something. The past 3 days have been a caos, between work at a music school and helping out at rehearsals ( I'm working for this amazing orchestra, I'm so happy), I have had little time to rest, not to mention blogging. 

For today's work outfit, I decided on a t-shirt+jeans+ballerinas combination, it never goes wrong. Plus, it's a Rubber Soul t-shirt, impossible to go wrong!

I made a purchase on saturday that I have not shown yet, but that will have to wait a little while longer, I want to write a review as soon as I try it. But, I brought a little sample of a new arrival at LUSH:

It's a Christmas edition product and it's a soap. Any guesses? My purchase was also a LUSH Christmas edition product, but more on that later.

Also,here are some headshots from today and a new acquisition from IKEA, the MYKEN mirror!

Jeans: PULL & BEAR
Ballerinas: MELISSA
Shades: H&M

Eyeliner: LUSH
Lipstick: CHANEL

The last picture was taken at tonight's rehearsal. These people play so beautifully!
Now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow starts with a meeting in the morning and I don't want to look too tired!




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