Beauty on the weekend

Hello lovelies! Today I'm showing you my beauty routine for this weekend. I could've done it any day, but weekends are proving to be the perfect time. 

Step 1: Get it clean!

There would have been a time when I'd complete neglect the importance of cleaning the skin. Now, at least once a week I try to apply a facial mask, followed by an exfoliation. LUSH is key here, since both products are theirs. I've been using their masks for a while now (third pot, haha) and they really do wonders and this Rudolph is absolutely fabulous. Cucumber, lavender oil, oat and tofu for a glowing, clean and fresh face. Ocean Salt follows to complete the cleansing. 
As for my body, I changed the scent of my THE BODY SHOP products to the Brazilian Nut and the scrub has a creamy texture that's harder to spread than the one I had before, but as far as clean and hydration goes, it's the best!

Step 2: Toner

They say Tea Tree has a lot of benefits for the skin. As for me, it's fresh and it cleans. I use it daily and love it! Again, LUSH.

Step 3: Moisturizer

Dynamic duo, LUSH and THE BODY SHOP are my faithful companions. Here are my face and body moisturizers. Imperialis is a very light cream ideal to keep the skin balanced.As for the Brazilian Nut, here in the form of body butter, great for the winter and all I can say is the smell makes you crave caramel!

This is the whole routine. On a daily basis, step 2 and 3 do just fine! Step 1 is an extra, done once a week.

How about your routines? What do you do and what products do you use?

I hope your week starts off just great!



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