Shopping lately

Hello lovelies! 
Since sales' season is still on, I still take a peek at what's left on the shelves. I'm always hoping to find some amazing lost products :) And this week I did!

Since a friend told me that SEPHORA has very good deals on very good products, I try to stop by and take a look every once in a while. And I wasn't disappointed with what I found!
Another place I like to check out is THE BODY SHOP. Their latest promotion is "3 for the price of 2" and thanks to that I bought everything I need to take care of my body and paid almost nothing. But this week I wasn't looking for that promotion and was amazed to see that they still have the Lily Cole Limited Edition products. And ON SALE! 

Lipgloss and Eyeliner: THE BODY SHOP

I must admit: I'm not the biggest fan of mascaras and I tend to have allergic reactions very easily. But this one has really surprised me and I like the fact that it has some glitter as well.
As for the lipgloss and the eyeliner: the gloss is amazing, it doesn't get sticky and keeps the lips moisturized and beautiful! The eyeliner is one of my favourites and I love the fact that it's purple and lasts a whole day!

Did you try any of these products? Care to share some thoughts? :)

Have a lovely weekend!



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