Hello pretty people!
Yesterday was my birthday! Yey!!
Friends and family came for lunch and everything went perfectly! Even Paco (our pup) was here! The day ended with one last surprise: my boyfriend took me to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe! Here are some pictures of the day:

I absolutely loved my day and thanks to everyone who was a part of it!
Now I'm about to start the last adventure of the summer: Paredes de Coura '13 music festival!! I was supposed to leave today but there were some last minute issues so I'm going tomorrow and I can't wait! I will be back on sunday but until then I won't be able to post anything! I'll be completely off the grid so why not take a look at some of the older posts? :) 
Also, while some people celebrate the number of followers, today I'm celebrating the number of views the blog has! Today we reached 10.000 views since the blog was created. 1000 views per month is amazing and it wouldn't be possible without any of you guys! And thank you also to those who follow the blog, thank you thank you! To those who still are not following...what are you waiting for? ^^

Enjoy this week, for I sure will!!



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