Últimos recuerdos de Granada!

Hey lovelies! How's eveything going? Are you enjoying these sunny days? 
Well, it seems my trip is coming to an end. We're leaving Granada today and I have to say: the city is beautiful. The monuments, the streets, the arab market, everything creates to the city's unique spirit. 
We were lucky enough to find some good, affordable restaurants to eat (the food in Spain isn't cheap) and nice little places to snack or have breakfast, like today. We took one last look at some shops and I took the chance to buy some recuerdos.

A small perfume stone made of Musk and Strawberries from ALQUIMIA PERVANE, located at the top end of the Calle de las Teterias, know for its many arab tea shops/salons where you can smoke a shisha and have a snack. I also bought a bag of Mint Tea in a shop near Teterias that had an amazing selection of teas and infusions, for a very nice price.
And then our breakfast: berries smoothie, tropical juice and a waffle with strawberries. Definitely a must go place in Granada. Now it's off to the bus and see you soon, Madrid.




  1. ahhhhh this is not fair....isso tem tao bom aspecto! :P


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