Hola! from Granada

Heey everyone! I hope you're all lovely and wonderful.

As I said, I'm currently in Granada. I arrived yesterday in the afternoon and went to see Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice in the Alhambra. Since I'm only going to see the Alhambra tomorrow, I cam only comment on the gardens and they are beautiful!

Anyway, this is a quick post to show some pictures. The extended post will come later!

So, the inside of our hotel patio. It's a lovely building, recently renovated. The room is perfect and the atmosphere in the building is calm and peaceful. Next is the street right outside the hotel, located near the Albaycín neighborhood. The arab influence in the city is remarkable and in the Albaycín is particularly evident. But more on that later, I promisse.
Finally, a shot of me with pink hair again and my souvenir from the city: a thingy (if someone knows how to say it english, please tell me) to hold my hair. My boyfriend insisted on giving it to me :)

Well, this is it for know. I'm going to sleep for I'm visiting the Alhambra first thing in the morning.




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