Bikini wishlist

So the title of the post couldn't be anymore revealing! 
This year I've struggled quite a lot with finding a suitable bikini for my body type. Whenever I enter a store and look at bikinis (and their tags) I can't shake the filling that women with a considerable breast size have no place in popular stores. The bikinis I loved the most don't fit me and the ones that do are just horrible! So, you can imagine my despair when I looked at the collections and could only find padded or bandeau bikini tops!



After trying several bikinis in many stores, I've come to find two that, although in a bandeau model, seem to suit me.They seem to be able to sustain my jubblies just fine with the stripes. And I can remove them to avoid tanning lines! :)
The only remaining issue is which one to choose! Ideas?

Also, has anyone seen ZARA's new earcuffs? They have one online but there's also a green one, less elaborated that's just perfect!




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