Things that go in my bag: Summer must-haves!

Hey everyone! I hope you're all enjoying this wonderful friday, lots of sun and warm weather! Been to the beach? Walk in the park?
Well, I was working in the afternoon and now I'm home, just relaxing!

It seems like Summer is really here and so I've made some changes in the items I carry around with me in my bag. Others are there all year but get used a lot more often this time of the year.

So, a digital camera, perfect for capturing those moments at the end of the day, the light of the sunset giving a special glow to the pictures. Baby whipes, the best thing to cool me down; these cucumber HUGGIES are really fresh, plus the smell is really awesome! A bottle of water, just what the doctors say we all need in very very hot days and a lip balm, for smooth and moisturized lips. Finally, a pair of shades and these are my current favourite ones. The little heart is just adorable!

Baby whipes: HUGGIES
Shades: H&M

Happy weekend :)



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