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Hello my lovelies! 
It's soooooooo hot right now! It's days like today that I feel I'd be better off at the beach! Soaking in the water, if the option is available.
That being said, you have already guessed I wasn't at the beach today. Instead, I went looking for some items I've been craving for a long time! 
It seems I've developed a taste for coral makeup. I'm waiting for a lipstick I bought to arrive and today I found a nice gloss and a nail polish that fulfilled my cravings!

Lipgloss and nail polish: H&M

I love it when H&M has these affordable items (both of them cost 0,95€) and design is gorgeous!
Here's a shot of my nails:

And another thing I also bought was this:

It's a B&W picture on purpose, it's going to be a surprise. But I did buy a product to bleach my hair :)

Well, I hope your day is being awesome and sunny! Don't forget to give me some feedback and make sure you follow the blog on the platforms listed here to the right! ^^




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