It's time to share

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having an awesome saturday!

Today I decided to share my hair products because I have finally found the right combination of products to keep my hair clean, silky smooth and bright!
My hair is normal with a tendency to get very dry in the tips. As you've also seen in the pictures, it's also wavy!
I have tried many brands and different types of shampoo over the years but I feel like I have found the perfect one! I also tried the conditioner, but I stopped using conditioners regularly and use something to smooth the hair after washing it, like an oil or a mask. To fix my tips problem, I found LUSH.
Curious about the products? Here they are:

Much like my body, my hair goes along so well with shea butter, it's amazing (ULTRA SUAVE Shampoo with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil)!
The SCHWARZKOPF Oil is really amazing, I'm so glad I got it with my PopyBox! It's very easy to apply and it doesn't leave the hair or the hands feeling greasy.
The LUSH Shine So Bright Balm is the perfect thing for dry tips, plus it smells so good and it's very easy to apply.

When I need an extra, I use this Banana Conditioner from THE BODY SHOP. The smell is amazing and does wonders for your hair as well!

So, what products do you use to keep your hair shinny and beautiful? :)




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