A full monday!

Hey everyone!
I hope the begining of your week is being as nice as mine! 
I'm back at my mom's house, so that means I'm back with Paco!! I missed waking up in the morning with him sleeping next to me. I also missed watching him sleep in the most amazing positions:

He then joined me as I had lunch, during which I snapped this picture of him:

The sun was bright in Lisbon today and I decided to take Paco out for a walk. We walked, we took the subway and we walked a little more to get to a park where my boyfriend was waiting for us. Coke with lemon for me, a beer for my boyfriend and Paco enjoyed some water, directly from the bottle. I must say it was very funny to see him drinking the water!

After it was time to go home, but before that we took a picture, all three of us!

Have a happy tuesday!




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