Hello gorgeous people! Today's post will be on a very different subject.

I believe Fashion and Music are much alike. They both have concepts behind them and they both collect inspirations from previous compositions and tendencies, as they look towards the future. Revolution is something that always lingers behind these two worlds.

Right now I want to talk about Music. And ballets.
Picture yourself in the 19th century. Imagine, if you can, what it was like to go to a musical event, an opera, a symphony, a ballet. Imagine being in a theatre watching Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

Beautiful dancers with very delicate movements, dancing to the sound of a very "romantic" music. This was what was considered beautiful and what people were expecting to hear and see.

Although the process began earlier, 1913 was an important year for Music. What took place that year, on the 29th of May in Paris, would shape mentalities and compositions in the years to come. I'm talking about a ballet presented by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. The score was composed by Igor Stravinsky. The Rite of Spring.

These photographs were taken around the time of the premiere, so they are great! The piece also broke some rules when it came to the wardrobe, as you can see. No tutus or puffy dresses.
The music itself was also revolutionary. Strong, grotesque, agressive motives. Exhausting repetitions, complex choreography and total lack of characters and story, made this one of the most revolutionary, groundbreaking compositions of the early 20th century. And this is one of my favourite classical compositions as well. It was a part of my childhood, since I grew up watching Walt Disney's Fantasia.

Recent performances feature a contemporary choreography, although some attempts to do the ballet with its original choreography and costumes are made as well. 

Here's a video of one of those attempts, conducted by Valery Gergiev.
Cheers to Stravinsky for making such wonderful scores and Happy Birthday to The Rite of Spring!





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