Oh!, Mr.Postman

Finally, my PopyBox has arrived. "What is a PopyBox??" you wonder. PopyBox is a cosmetic service available in Portugal. With a few questions they create a profile for each user and whenever you order a PopyBox, the products in it fit your profile. We know with which brands the service works but it's always a surprise what's going to be in the box. Plus, I thought the box had sample sizes but in fact they look more like travelling sizes. Curious?

I heard some girls complaining about the products in the box or about the size of the products, but the thing is the brand says loud and clear that these are miniatures, small sizes. And for the brands they offer and the price of the box, I think it's affordable (12,5€+post expenses).
My idea when I ordered the box was to try products I wouldn't normally buy. These are brands I don't use in my daily routines but I don't mind trying new things! Plus, ESSIE is a brand I've heard a lot about and I'm really happy that I have 3 new nailpolishes to try and I love all 3 colours!

As for the products:
L'ORÉAL Proffessional Mademoiselle Infinium Hairspray
GARANCIA Micropeeling Nouvelle Génération
COLLISTAR Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate
EUCERIN Aquaporin Active SPF 15 + UVA
SCHWARZKOPF BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Oil Miracle
ESSIE Nailpolishes in the colours Where's my chauffeur?, Beyond Cozy and Head Mistress

They promisse 5/6 items per box and mine came with 8. Overall, it's a very positive first experience ^^
Since the box came today, I can't really talk about the products, but I'll start trying them out tomorrow, don't worry!
So, if you live in Portugal and don't mind paying what they're asking, why not order one yourself? :)




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