Go away Friday!

If I had one word to describe my Friday it would be: BUSY! It's true I slept until noon but since I left home at 4pm until I returned (almost at midnight), I went to soooo many places.
One of the places I went to was no other than LUSH! Again, thumbs up to those lovely ladies for their good mood and generosity! I went to buy 2 soaps and brought home all of these:

Two soaps, Rock Star and Sultana of SoapAromaco deodorant, Ro's Argan body conditioner and Tea Tree toner tab. Awesome, right?

My journey continued. I went to a music store and then to work. Since there's a piano where I work, I decided to try to read some Beatles' scores for piano students. Although I don't play the piano, I had a lot of fun! :)

After work, I went looking for some nailpolishes for my mommy but couldn't find none at the first SEPHORA I went to. Then it was time to visit my favourite chocolatier, XOCOA, and buy some almonds:

Passion Fruit and White Chocolate/Raspberry and White Chocolate. Yummiiii!!

Finally, dinner with my boyfriend! And then I dragged him to SEPHORA and the poor boy had to wait while I hunted for the perfect nailpolish shades (you Sir are very patient, thank you)! "Hunt" is the right verb; since there's a promotion, all the "common" colours are gone and you have to look really hard to find anything decent! I managed to find these for me:

The photo's not very accurare: the left one looks like an oyster's shell and the right one is purple with sparkles. 

There'll be no outfit photos today, but I promisse to wear something nice tomorrow and show it!
After such a busy friday, I just want to put on some pajamas and play The Sims 3 or watch TV...or both!

Happt weekend!



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