Spring/Summer '13

Happy Sunday, everyone!! I hope you're all having an awesome day wih lots of sunlight and nice weather!

Today I want to show some of my favourite items from SS collections. Some of the things I chose are practical items, perfect for summer festivals (I went to three last year), but I'd surely use them for an outing with my boyfriend or a hangout with the girls!

I tried to put together as much colour as I could.  From gladiator sandals to oxford shoes, a dress, shorts and also some makeup, here's to a season with lots of colour and happy moods!

Sugar Mate Nail Polish: KIKO
Dress: H&M
White Oxford Shoes: CUBANAS
Denim Shirt: ZARA
Blouse: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Smart Lipstick: KIKO
Gladiators: CUBANAS
Control Eyeliner: LUSH

I just realized that the items can be put into two outfits: The dress+shirt+oxfords and the shorts+blouse+gladiators. Casual and a little bit more dressed up. 

Would you wear these items? What are your favourite pieces for warm weather? Tell me all about it :)




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