Shine on you crazy diamonds

I was browsing for stuff on the internet and I decided to see what was happening on IFB. And so I came across this week's IFB Project: Show us your jewels. Come on, could it be any better?

I love my jewelry. I have too many and I'm always looking for more. And my boyfriend gives me a special something every now and then!

Funny how I knew exactly which pieces I wanted to show. And they relate to three people: my boyfriend, my father and my mother. Let's see them!

 All the pieces in the photos above were given to me by my boyfriend. Curiously enough, the first one he gave me was this amber heart, just above here. The heart is made of amber and the string is silver. He gave it to me as a Christmas gift, 2011.
The birds' necklace and the bimba & lola bracelet were given to me over the summer, as well as the onix bracelet and earrings (birthday gift).
Moving on we have the blue and pinkish earrings, which are actually saphires and rubies. The rubies were a random gift and the saphires were a Valentine's Day present.
The silver heart necklace is a very special piece (as they all are, but still): my boyfriend gave it to me for our anniversary and it's a piece of traditional portuguese jewelry, called Coração de Viana (Heart of Viana).
And finally, the ring. It was last Christmas' gift. It's made of silver and smoky quartz. My boyfriend surprised me at work. He put a small box in my pocket and kissed me, saying he had to go. I was thrilled when I saw what was in the box!

This second set is also very special. 
Let's start with the things I gave myself! The bracelet on top; I bought it in Tunisia and it's made of silver and grey amber. The turquoise earrings, the onix and silver pendant and the female head pendant, also in silver. The last pendant was bought at an antiques' shop in a town called Mértola (Portugal). Also, the silver and amber ring was a birthday gift from me to me! You probably noticed how the amber ring goes well with the necklace, the onix pendant with the bracelet and boyfriend has a good eye for these things!
And now the things that were given to me by others. Aka, daddy and mommy!!
Dad gave me the Evenstar when I turned 19.And that's not the only reason that makes this pendant so special: the translation of the elvish name Arwen is Marta, and both names mean "a Lady". What were the odds?
And this leaves us with two items: the turquoise ring and the medallion pendant. These were gifts from my mom. The ring was my 21st birthday gift and the medallion my 19th birthday gift (my sister bought me the chain). The medallion (silver and amethyst) was a true surprise: I'd seen it in an antiques' fair but I couldn't afford it that day. We were on vacations and I left the place the next day, but my mother and my sister stayed a couple more days. They returned to the fair the next day and bought me the medallion and kept it a secret for over a month. My mouth droped when they gave it to me.

 So, these are my favourite pieces and you have seen them a lot in my posts! I have seen some of the other links in the project, and there are some awesome things too, so go check it out!




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