Narrative of a rainy wednesday - in pictures

It seems Spring is taking a vacation some place far away. Today's weather was rain and wind, but luckily it wasn't too cold. I went to the university, went to LUSH, worked a couple of hours and then back home. A very normal day.

First things first. What was I doing at LUSH? Take a look:

Finally it is mine!! Control Eyeliner has come home with me and I can't wait to try it on (It looked awesome in one of the girls from the shop, I'm sooo curious!)!! Contrary to the Independent Eyeliner, this one has a more creamy texture. Also, to make me feel like a princess, The Godmother Soap. It is very similar to the Snow Fairy Shower Gel (if you missed it in the Winter, grab a little of this soap). The only thing the smell of both of them reminds me is cotton candy and fairytales.

These were the products I used today:

Passion Fruit Body Butter: THE BODY SHOP
Glamour Lipstick: LUSH
Independent Eyeliner: LUSH
Shine So Bright Balm: LUSH

As for the body butter, it is amazing. It is designed for dry skin, with a very rich texture and I can say that my skin is silky and smooth and it'll stay that way until tomorrow. The lipstick and the eyeliner are definitely two of my best purchases and the balm has exceeded all of my expectations! 

Blouse: Handmade
Shorts (invible because of the blouse): OYSHO
Coat: freebie from somewhere

Blue Earrings: STONE BY STONE (turquoises)
Black Earrings: STONE BY STONE (onix)
Ring Left Hand: STONE BY STONE (silver and smoky quartz)
Ring Right Hand: ACCESSORIZE (blue hearts)
Ring Right Hand: STONE BY STONE (silver and turquoises)

Thanks for the views everyone and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the latest posts!




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