Music and wilderness

Hello beautiful people!
As I already said, I spent my weekend away. I went with an orchestra to a festival in Portugal, in a place called Almodôvar (green circle).

In green you have the place where the orchestra played. The blue square marks the hotel where we stayed.
The sights were wonderful, both places were beautiful and there was Nature all around us!
I believe the images speak for themselves, so here they are!

 The orchestra during rehearsals. Concerto Moderno

As you can see, beautiful places and a nice place to relax . There aren't many pictures of me (or any outfits) but with such wonderful sights, who cares about that, right? Plus, I was the one taking most of the pictures here (most, some were taken by a friend) and everyone else was playing, so I focused on taking pictures of them.

Anyway, I hope these images can give you some sense of relaxation and I wish everyone a happy week!



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