From the Far East

Today was all about drawing attention. From the print of the dress (and the length) to the bright lips, I felt like wearing something that would really draw a lot of attention.

It was also a day for pampering my skin, specially my face. I'll show you what I used:

Here are the products. Can you guess all of them? I also used The Godmother Soap and my skin felt wonderful!!

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub, LUSH
Control Eyeliner, LUSH
Bubblegum Lip Scrub, LUSH
Passion Fruit Body Butter, THE BODY SHOP
Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Facial Mask, LUSH
Sephora Rouge Lipstick in Hot Tango, SEPHORA

The first image is Ocean Salt, the second's Cosmetic Warrior and finally me with the mask. I love doing this routine. Cosmetic Warrior really cleans my pores and gets my face ready for the scrub and the combination of both leaves me with a soft and fresh face. Add the lip scrub, and your lips can also get the feeling, thanks to the essential oils that sooth the skin. If you never tried a lip scrub, go to LUSH and grab one. 

Want to see the outfit?

Necklace: STONE BY STONE (silver and amber)
Long Earrings: STONE BY STONE (silver and saphire)
Earrings: STONE BY STONE (onix)
Ring: STONE BY STONE (silver and smoky quartz)
Ring: STONE BY STONE (silver and amber)

I have to say I'm very pleased with the eyeliner. The colour is fantastic and a great change from the bright blue I usually wear. It has a creamy texture and it took me a while to get the hang of it, but I think I did a nice job applying it. As for the lipstick, well... I love how it's really really red, a bright red that contrasts with my skin colour and how good it goes with the colour of the eyeliner.

Did you like the outfit and the rest of the stuff? Comment to let me know :)
How about weekend plans, anything going on?




  1. Esses produtos da lush são mesmo amazing. São muito caros? Podes dizer-me o preço de um baton ou desse fantástico eyeliner? Adorei o outfit :)

  2. olá!!
    Os produtos são bastante acessíveis e as porções das embalagens rendem imenso! Os batons e eyeliners da LUSH custam 17,95€, sendo que o eyeliner traz o dobro duma embalagem normal (disseram-me na loja). Obrigada e continua a aparecer :)



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