Forever wishlist: Two things!

There are two things I really want. One of them might be easier to acquire, but still these two items are on my wishlist and have been there for quite sometime.

Flower by KENZO and LEVI'S Shorts. The EDP has been on my wishlist f-o-r-e-v-e-r!! The fragrance is divine and I always smile whenever I smell it. As for the shorts, I have recently developed a huge love for shorts, specially high waisted ones and these are a must have, so I've been searching for them and I can't wait to find the perfect ones!

How about you? Anything on your wishlist?
Happy tuesday.



  1. Experimenta procurar pelos calções em feiras da ladra/feira das almas/lojas de roupa em segunda mão. Eu comprei os meus assim(apesar de n ter sido em Pt). Ou fazes como uma amiga da minha prima q comprou umas calças numa loja em segunda mão e as cortou :)


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