Daenerys, LUSH and some Somersby

Hello everyone! I have been away for a few days, I know, but I'll try to make it up!
I missed writting and showing things and since the last days all had something for me show, I decided to put everything together.

Wednesday night I went on a date with my boyfriend. We had a wonderful dinner at our favourite italian restaurant, Casanova. The weather was wonderful, everything perfect. On out way back, we stopped by the Game of Thrones exhibit and saw some of the costumes used in the tv series. I took pictures of my favourite two costumes:

 It felt amazing to see the costumes. I didn't take a picture of it then, maybe today I will, but Richard Madden's costume made me realize he's so tall! I had no idea and I'll try to show it to you today.
The photographs are of Queen Cersei's and Daenerys' costumes. I cannot place Cersei's gown in the series, but Daenerys wore this blue dress with trousers in the begining of season 3. Both outfits fit the characters beautifully but I wished the exhibit also had the dress Daenerys wore in the scenes with Xhoan Daxos.

LUSH is also on the title. I finally bought the toothy tabs and I am very satisfied with the product. It may seem strange when you use them for the first time. A tab that you chew and when in contact with the brush transforms into foam and cleanses your teeth? Strange but effective. The feeling in your mouth is amazing, probably due to the black pepper. I bought the Sparkle tabs; the main ingredients are black pepper and sicilian lemons, for a bright and white smile! 

The nice nice nice ladies also gave me a sample of the Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream. Let's see how that one works. I haven't tried it but I sure will do so today!

And then it was friday night. I went out with friends and finally had a Somersby Apple Cider. I was craving one for a few days, it felt so good! In the picture you see me and a friend of mine. She's Beatriz, portuguese and a youtuber/vlogger. If you want to see what she does, click here! She is, in my opinion, awesome! Plus, she is also an inspiration to me when it comes to combining clothes and making outfits! :P

And if you get hungry in the middle of a night out, what do you do? There's a MacDonnald's near by but...why not some freshly baked pastries? This is a croissant with toasted almonds on top and egg cream inside. Delicious!

Tell me how your days have been and what are you going to do this weekend!



  1. É pá, queres fazer-me corar é? :p Obrigada :D

    1. cada um tem o que merece. tu tens os meus elogios! :D


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