And I start to feel the Spring

It's true. Although there was some rain today, I noticed I didn't need my coat until later in the evening. And no scarf or leg warmers! Yey!!

Also, I changed my manicure today! I change it a lot because I hate it when it starts to peel in the corners, so I'm constantly painting my nails (works as a relaxation therapy, awesome!). In honour of the little tiny bit of warmth I'm feeling in the air, here's today's manicure:

Yay or nay? I thought some bright colours might help me forget about this weather :)

Also, today's beauty allies and the outfit.

As for my allies:
Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, LUSH
Lovelorn Lipstick, M.A.C
Vanilla Perfum, NATURA
Nail Lacquer #340, KIKO 
Azul Hortênsia Nail Lacquer, RISQUÉ
Super Colour Eyeliner #112, KIKO

Shirt: H&M
Jacket: RULYS
Shorts: OYSHO
Boots: CAT
Green Earrings: STONE BY STONE
Long Earrings: STONE BY STONE

 I hope you like it ^^

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Any plans?




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