A tale of fruits

Here's the thing: I have and use a lot of body products. I'm a fan of THE BODY SHOP and recently I've also fallen in love with LUSH. From shower gels/jellies and soaps to body butters and lotions, I'm always looking for new things. But let's focus on THE BODY SHOP.

They have my favourite body butters. I've been using them for years, changing the scent when I get bored. Unfortunately, shortly after I started using their products, the Passion Fruit line was removed from stores and, since it was no longer being produced, you could only find the products twice a year (at best), during sales' season. I still managed to buy a body scrub and a shower gel before it was removed, and I absolutely loved them! The scent lasts for hours even when mixed with a different one and it leaves the skin super hydrated and soft. A couple of years ago I found the body butter in stores and bought it, wondering if the other things would also come back. 

Guess what?

They're back!!! Along with the Papaya, Blueberry and Raspberry, Passion Fruit body butter and shower gel are back in stores. For limited time only and with the new design.

I haven't tried them yet, but I've noticed two things so far: the colour of the gel has changed and the scent of the body butter has been enhanced. I believe it smells even better now and I just can't wait to try them on!!

But my surprises aren't over. I received a very special gift!

 This is the finale of my tale of fruits. A box with 12 macarons, 2 of each flavour, directly from Paris! I love macarons and I can't wait to try these!

This is it for now, come back later for the outfit post!




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