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Hello everyone! So, it seems half of the week is gone and the weekend is getting near... any plans?

Today I went to KIKO COSMETICS. If you know the store, they always have some items on sale, from lipsticks to nail lacquers. And here's what I bought:

A grey nail lacquer and a blue Rock-top lacquer, that gives a nice crackle effect to the nail.

First, just the grey one. And then, the ensemble. I didn't necessarily buy them to use as a duo, but they actually look good together. Thoughts?

And this is me. Blue tights, The Beatles tshirt and the not-so-visible shorts with a paisley print.

I hope all of you keep up the good spirits because the weekend is almost here!! ^^



  1. Great colors, the blue one is great.
    You have a lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other?


    1. Thank you, Ivana.

      I'm following you now, great pictures on the first posts.




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