I need ideas...

Something has been in my mind for a while: I need to organize my makeup drawer. Some baskets or dividers would be great to avoid things getting all mixed up (that really bugs me!!). Here's my drawer now, with everything in order:

(I must say those are not all of the nail lacquers I have, but who cares? ahah )

I googled some images for inspiration. Here are the ones I considered to be a good solution:

As you might have noticed, my drawer has no brushes. That's because I keep them in a cup, along with the eye pencils. But the rest is kept in a drawer and caos settles down after opening the drawer two or three times. Which one do you like best? How do you organize your make up?



P.S: The first image was taken by me. The remaining ones were taken from Google under the search "makeup drawer dividers".


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