Hum Hum

Ah of the worst days of the week, there are still so many days until Friday and the glorious weekend... and this week, I can't wait for Saturday to come! But I'll get to it  later!

Yesterday I said I had some surprises. Over here, today's Father's Day and I went shopping for a gift for my Daddy. I decided to make it fun this year and so I went to LUSH and bought my Daddy the following:

Pretty nice, huh? This way my Daddy can have a silky smooth skin and can give him lots of kisses! :) Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
Luckily for me, the LOVELY ladies at the shop thought I deserved a little pampering myself and gave me some free samples.

Honey I washed the Kids Soap,
Mask of Magnaminty,
Fair Trade Honey Shampoo.

So far, nothing but good things. The smell of the shampoo is so real, the colour and texture feels just like honey and my hair looks great. The soap looks like a bit of pudding and smells like pudding. But it's pretty solid, no worries there. I can't wait to try the Magnaminty, the smell is sooooo amazing!!

Well this is it. Is there anything from LUSH you can't live without? I just love the shower jellies, the skin feels super smooth afterwards, so *thumbsup* LUSH!




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