I hate...

Rainy days! That's right! I hate rainy days. They make me lazy (more than usual) and if I have to go out there's always the what-to-wear issue.
Today is one of those days. After a GREAT SUNNY WEEK, sunday comes grey and gloomy as much as possible. And I have to go out. And I don't want to wear my CAT boots. I want something girly and delicate, but there's no way around it. So, I improvised. What do you think?

Top and Skirt: ZARA
Tights and boot cuffs: CALZEDONIA
Boots: CAT

Bought the tights yesterday, aren't they adorable? :)
The boots have some faux fur cuffs to make them less agressive. Success?

Have a great sunday and week as well.



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