February Wishlist

Hello everyone! I'm back after a few days without posting and I'm sorry for that!
I hope everyone had a wonderful V's Day!

Today I want to share a little wishlist I made. I called it "February Wishlist" but it is really a much longer term wishlist. I combined accessories with clothing and some LUSH products. One of the bath bombs I already have, just waiting for the right moment to be used. The clothing items are things I really like and since I love orient-themed things, kimonos had to be here. I must confess my "best friend" this winter has been a chinese jacket my mother gave me (she got tired of it, lucky me). I'm wearing it here.

And now, the February Wishlist!

Two kimonos and a blouse with a bird-and-flowers theme, very oriental-like in my opinion. Also, the black pencil skirt, I must buy one. It is as important as the LBD. All of these are from ZARA.
I saw the cat sweater today, in OYSHO, as well as the eye masks and found them lovely. I'm considering buying one of the masks, but can't decide on which one!!
Then there's the BIMBA&LOLA ring and the PANDORA bracelet. The bracelet I made it myself, using the creator in the website. It's a very clever idea, you can actually mix and match and preview the bracelet of your dreams. A chinese cat for good luck, the Breast Cancer Awareness charm for a great cause, the horse stands for my chinese zodiac and a few other meaningful charms.
Finally, the LUSH things. This time I chose the bath bombs. Like I said, I have one, the beige one under the blouse with the birds. It's "Dragon's Egg" and smells lovely! The other two look great and I wouldn't mind putting them in my tub. The purple one is "Sex Bomb" and the pink is "Think Pink". And the eyeliner. Dark blue, called "Control" and one I want to buy soon!

I guess I covered everything in the wishlist. Let me know what you think about it and what your wishlists are.

Have a good sunday,



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    1. a colecção Primavera/Verão tem imensa coisa com gatos ^^
      eu achei q essa era gira e quentinha :)

      * *


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