I have to say I'm so so so happy! Yesterday I finally bought two things I've been wanting for a long time! Also, I didn't just want them, I really needed them!

Finally, my UGG Boots! My feet found Heaven and I'm walking on fluffy clouds whenever I wear them! Pretty boots!!
 And also, since I needed a pair of shoes, flats, to wear everyday that weren't CONVERSE, I decided a while ago to buy a pair of oxford shoes...trouble was finding a pair that was pretty, leather and NOT brown (can't stand the colour, sorry!). And PEPE JEANS showed up to save me (and my feet too :P )! I found my oxford shoes and they are GREY! I'm so happy with my new shoes (both the oxford and the boots!!). But...

My shopping spree wasn't through. My mind wandered to a pair of trousers I saw...guess where? That's right, BIMBA & LOLA! I can't remember the last time I tried on a pair of trousers that fit me so well...

High-waisted, navy blue with a black strip on the sides...Can't wait to wear each and every single thing. Hopefully there will be some pictures of the outfits ^^

Have a great week,



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