Today was Monday. The first day of the week, it comes right after sunday and usually it is not a pleasant day.
Decided to face my day with a smile and positive attitude, I put together a beauty ritual to help me start the day juuuuust right! Here's a picture of the lovely products I used.

Every single one of them is absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately, the Passion Fruit Body Scrub from THE BODY SHOP is no longer available. All I can say is that it is amaaaaazing! And then there's Whoosh, Ocean Salt (Facial Scrub), Peppermint Smoothing (really leaves the feet feeling fresh and rested) and the Shine So Bright Balm for dry hair tips. I haven't used it a lot, but the few times I did it was a success.

Today was also the day I tried out the samples they gave me at LUSH. Day 1 and already showing some improvements on my face! (see the products they gave me here ).  I definitely recommend the Fresh Mask, it does true wonders!

After the beauty ritual (and given the fact it was already lunch time), food was more than needed! And here's what I ate, with chopsticks and all!

I have to say I am really proud of this. Cooked it myself, seasoned just like a nice chinese meal and it was more than just food for the belly, it was food for the soul!

Afterwards it was time to go out, so I put this little outfit together. I don't really like to show myself but here I am. 

 So, here I am! Today I was feeling very Oriental so I pulled this out. The dress has a straight cut but if I put the belt I get a nice hourglass shape. The jewelry isn't very visible, but it is made of silver and gemstones: smoky quartz and turquoise for the rings and turquoises and saphires for the earrings. It's good jewelry for very reasonable prices. See it here.

Jacket: old
Boots: UGG

The only trace of makeup was the red lipgloss from H&M, also featured in a post a while ago. I decided to keep it simple today.

I hope everyone has a nice week,



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