I can't resist a little LUSH

As promissed, I am here to show you all my latest acquisitions from the wonderful, scented and amazing LUSH

I've been seriously annoyed with the fact that I missed my opportunity to buy the Arizona Tote from BIMBA&LOLA and I really wanted to buy something for myself. Well, the next thing on my list was to take a little trip to LUSH! My mommy bought me a few things for Christmas but I always find new things to buy.

First of all, my congratulations to the team working at LUSH in Amoreiras Shopping Center (Lisbon). Nice doesn't even begin to cover the way they treated me and it's good to see happy and joyous sales assistants (maybe the FUN-zical weekend helped a little). Thanks to their great mood, I brought home a few more things than anticipated.

 These were the things I bought (this tale doesn't end here). The Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly is amazing. If you look at some of my older posts, I already have the Woosh Jelly but it's almost over and so I decided to try the other and I am not disappointed. The colour is amazing, the blue glitter adds a little magic to it but what really convinced me was the smell. I thought Woosh smelled good, but Sweetie Pie is on a whole other level! Definitely a fan!

Next up is the Glamorous Lipstick. It's part of the EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE Line, along with the black eyeliner I bought, Independent. There are also liquid eyeshadows in the line. A while ago, my favourite all-time lipstick ended and the brand that made it decided to do some renovations and the lipstick colour I loved was no longer available ( it had a pink bubblegum colour that no other brand produced). I found a nice sober pink at M.A.C but I never gave up the search. And today I brought home a nice pink lipstick that reminds me of bubblegum and I love it!

Finally, the Independent Eyeliner. My black eyeliner is near the end and I was looking for another one. Independent has a very thin brush and that's perfect and is twice the size of my old one. Also, it is a very concentrated formula (yes, lasts longer!) and dries very fast!

My adventure was not complete. The nice and super kind girls at the shop gave me 3 samples and I am anxious to try them on:

First there's the Fresh Face Mask, Cosmetic Warrior! As seen on the website, "This is the front line of defence for spot-prone skin."
Next is the Tea Tree Water, "Where the skin needs balancing, where there are spots, gentle tea tree is just the job."
Finally, the Imperialis Facial Moisturiser, "A cream suitable for all skin types, day and night."

Again, it is always a delight to go to a LUSH shop, not only due to the products (love 'em, can't get enough!) but also because of the wonderful people working there. *clapclapclap* guys, keep up the wonderful work!

Have a great week,



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