Hello rain!

It really feels like rainy days are here to stay, at least for a while. And I was wondering: how to keep being stylish when the weather is soo...bad?

Well, I opened google and started doing random searches about items a girl wears in rainy days and I found 3 things that are just adorable!

1 - Rain Boots. I'm usually not a fan, but these boots are so adorable with the bow! It makes them so feminine. And the blue/yellow combination is perfect. Find them here.

2 - A nice coat! I was actually looking for a trench coat in my searches but this baby came along and I couldn't resist it! The colour actually goes very well with the rain boots and the fur is lovely!
Find it here.

3 - The umbrella. I usually see people with umbrellas from IKEA or some other brand. And every once in a while I see someone with a cute umbrella. And google presented me with this umbrella and I found it amazing! It's lovely! Find it here.

I'm gonna continue to enjoy my rainy day and I hope you all have a lovely day!



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