Tuesday with a little Tease

Enjoying my first day off from work, I went with a friend to a bakery called TEASE. It's a rock 'n' roll bakery (so they say) and in fact, the only reason I noticed it was because they were playing Guns N' Roses one night (it's open until 11pm, perfect for a snack at night).
But here's the thing: although they call themselves a rock 'n' roll bakery, the inside suggests a whole different thing! The decoration is very vintagelike, the food looks delicate and yummi... Cupcakes, muffins, milkshakes and teas, toats, salads, all of this to the sound of Florence and the Machine, Friendly Fires and many others. Perfect for an afternoon with a friend or a date with your sweetheart!

This time, pictures will be mainly of food but more will come, featuring the decoration and furniture!

Yummi dreams,


P.S: Any additional information about the place, click here!


  1. AH! My mouth is now watering! Yummm....love the idea of a rock and roll bakery, fun :P


    1. it's amazing how all the concepts work so well, Kristine! ^^

  2. não sei como mas ainda não me lembrei de lá ir...um dia destes vou ;)
    (parece que ja consigo escrever aqui ;) )


    1. maggie, havemos de lá ir as duas!^^


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