December is here!

As all of you have probably noticed, today is the 2nd of December. The month of Christmas is here, the cold is here, short days, long nights...did I mention the cold? It's freezing!

It's too cold...I can only think about nice wool jumpers and nice mugs filled with hot chocolate.

Since it's cold, too cold, searching for the right things to wear seems like a priority.  And I found these:

             Robe from OYSHO                     Tshirt and Coat from ZARA

Jacket from ZARA

Snood from MANGO

Jacket from BLANCO 

  Jacket from STRADIVARIUS

 Leg Warmers from STRADIVARIUS

And also, accessories are sometimes the difference between a boring look and a great look. And I love accessories...bags, necklaces, rings...AWH, LOVE 'EM!! All of the following are from ACCESSORIZE.

                                        Bracelet                        Vintage Cameo 

     Geisha Bracelet               Oriental Earrings                          Rose Earrings

And what about bags? What girl doesn't like a big bag for everyday affairs, a small clutch for a night out or a romantic dinner or a date?

                     Lace clutch and Hoxton Satchel from ACCESSORIZE

                                                             Arizona and Memphis Bags from BIMBA Y LOLA

Clutches and Animal Print bag from BLANCO

I guess this is it for today...I have to inspire myself a little more, gotta keep things interesting for you all, beloved readers :)

Have a great week,



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