At last

At last, I'm posting again! I have to say I've been a busy bee, I just started working and I barely have time for anything other than sleeping!

But, getting down to business, let's talk FASHION!
After a long and tough search (or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough), I found the eyeliners I was looking for! I needed a green and a blue one but I hoped to get an awesome WOW! factor. And I did!

They cost 6,9€ each and are amazing! Here's how they actually look:

 Pretty cool right? :D

Also, I felt the need to buy me some earrings. Where did I go? ACCESSORIZE, of course! They had a promotion that was irresistable!

I had to buy the Oriental Enamel ones, featured so many times in my posts!

And finally, there was something else in my wishlist I wanted so much... remember the red skirt from ZARA?

Baby has arrived and it is gorgeous!
The only problem was what coat to wear with it. I'm glad to say H&M had the peeeeeerrfect solution!

The perfect combination of formal and casual. It all comes down to what you coordinate with it! Same as the skirt, which works fine with my cat boots for a day look and absolutely rocks with a pair of heels for a evening look!

I really did a shopping therapy this weekend and it felt good! Now I must work on my xmas wishings, gotta mail them to Santa just in time! How about your wishes? Anything you'd absolutely L-O-V-E to see under the tree?




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