Weekend - Day 1

Well, I must say I've been very busy today! The day started very early ( 9am) with a yummi breakfast with my honey! Although it was raining, we had a nice outdoors breakfast with a wonderful view of the river. 

 My perfect CAT boots! Warm, black and perfect for rainy days. And my Oysho jumper!!

It was really raining. A grey day. But that didn't stop me!

 Yummi breakfast! Croissants, hot chocolate and something with coffee and milk (I don't now the name, haha).

My hair, my lovely jumper and some green in the back. Geesh, I love this jumper! It's the perfect thing for cold days and it's really soft!
 Clara Clara, open from 10am to 7pm everyday!

And it seems like they have Miso Soup!mmm

And now that I'm home, I'm going to have some fun and try something new on my nails.

Pink, blue and yellow, all powered by KIKO
I must say, these are some of the best nailpolishes I've tried! The colours are great, the paint lasts a lot of days...perfect! :)

Well, it's nail time and simming is also a great way to pass time!

Nighty night,



  1. Great post. I have the blue kiko nail polish :)

    x ANgie

    1. it's a great colour, right? Kiko has awesome stuff, love it!


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