Warm and confortable at home!

Days are getting smaller and there's a chill in the air; there's no escaping now, "Winter is coming!" !!
And with cold come the delicious hot chocolates and cookies, warm teas... and also, couzy and comfortable clothes!

I love wearing comfortable clothes, specially at home. A jumper, a pair of trousers and wool slipper socks. Plus a cup of tea!

Winter Essentials Part 3: At Home

1 - OYSHO Polar Sweat    2 - TOPSHOP Jumper    3 - TOPSHOP Jumper    4 - TOPSHOP Slipper Socks    5 - TOPSHOP Slipper Socks    6 - TOPSHOP Socks    
7 - BLANCO Socks

I'm thinking about a nice cup of Mariage Frères, some Marco Polo would be nice...

And last but not least... Oysho's decided to make a few items with another asian cartoon. But this time, I love it!! So cute and it reminds me of my days as a little little girl :)

Have a nice weekend!



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