That's Inspiring!

So there I was, minding my own business, looking at the news regarding the elections when an article from pops into my eyes: the usual "Ten Best dressed". Nothing particular, right? Fab women, fab clothes...

 Think again, beauties!! After viewing this image, the only thing I could say for a while was...UAU, UAU, UAU!! Florence Welch in Gucci.
 Beautiful woman, amazing singer. And here she reminds me of an ancient greek goddess. I'm still having trouble finding the words to continue this post.

This morning there's another thing inspiring me... Mumford & Sons' Babel. The European Tour was announced yesterday and there's a Lisbon concert in it!! O que me levou a ouvir o álbum novo... and what an amazing album! 

And so, keeping Florence's image in my mind and M&S' music in my ears, I shall make this gloomy, grey and rainy day a little better...a lot better! And to make your day a little better (or at least try to),

 Have a Happy Wednesday!



p.s: The content of the posts may shift from portuguese to english (or vice-versa) or be entirely written in one of those languages!


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