Sunday Help!!

I know it's late but...can anyone tell me how I can get a customized Facebook button to put on my blog? You know, the one that links the blog to its Facebook page...It's really getting on my nerves, I can understand anything in the Facebook instructions and I don't want to add a bunch of buttons...just a cute little one, for Facebook.

Anyone able to help me? pwetty pwease? ^^

Anywaaay... today was an absolutely boring day. It was raining all day long, there was almost no day light. Plus I stayed inside all day, so I'm bored...a lot!

And it's cold...and all I want to wear are big coats with fur or a very warm fabric to get me through the day; boots are also nice, particularly my CAT boots or a pair of UGGs; leg warmers, my new best friends; and I could go on, but everyone knows it's cold. So I'll skip to the images to keep everyone dreaming of warmth and comfort...

Can't you imagine yourself here?

This military coat has been on my wishlist for a while now...I love it! Thanks MANGO for trying to ruin my finances!!

And when it comes to posts about clothes, I never leave out ACCESSORIZE. They have awesome things, like this scraf.

And these tights...OMG, I want them so bad! They have this pinup sexy aura but the bow also makes them sort of childish...I love them! And, once again, ACCESSORIZE.

And now I'm going to show some of my favourite winter things...and these are things that I have in my closet!

My leg warmers... I couldn't find any decent pictures online, so I decided to show mine!
From the left to the right:
CALZEDONIA in wool and lace, CALZEDONIA in fur (not real fur) and PARFOIS in wool! 

 My CAT boots! They probably seem a little bit aggressive, but they go great with skirts and dresses! And you can see that I wear them very often :P

My CLAIRE'S hat! I searched for so long for a hat like this! Either they were not quite what I wanted or too expensive. But a nice lady at the CLAIRE'S store told me to way a couple of days for it and I ended up buying it for 50% less :D

And now that the clothing part is done, I'm going to save something for tomorrow. Curious? Come back tomorrow, maybe you'll get some ideas for Christmas?

And, since it is sunday (well, monday already but nevermind) I wish you all a good week! Don't get discouraged by the 4 days ahead before it is friday again, you have 4 more days to be awesome! (yes, HIMYM fan) And to keep you smilling, here's some music:

Have a great Monday everyone!




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