Merry Goodies!

Here are some things you can find in stores.
What do they have in common? The theme.

Winter is coming and Christmas is all around us!

Item #1 - Cookie Cutters from ACCESSORIZE

Item #2 - Snowman Washball from THE BODY SHOP

Item #3 - Pudding Washball from THE BODY SHOP

Item #4 - Reindeer Washball from THE BODY SHOP

Item #5 - Father Christmas Bath Bomb from LUSH

Item #6 - Mr and Mrs Frosty from LUSH

Item #7 -  Jumper from TOPSHOP

Item #8 - Jumper from H&M

 Item #9 - Jumper from TOPSHOP

Item #10 - Socks from TOPSHOP

 Item #11 - Pj from WOMEN'SECRET

Item #12 - Knickers (x7) from WOMEN'SECRET

Have a merry Thursday!



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